Things I Really Want You To See

There have been some good thoughts forming in this blog.  I suppose you could call this the "Greatest Hits" page, although that's not really true. My 100 Things and 50 Things lists are the most visited entries and that's cool, but it's not really what I hope people travelling through this site will take away.  In an effort to direct people to the things I think were most important so far, here are the links I'd appreciate you checking out.

Where I've Come From - Please read this series from the bottom to the top (Chronologically)
Thoughts Too Big To Handle - One of my favourite entries, probably because someone else wrote much of it.
Happy Clint
Growing Up
Conviction, followed by Randomness
Star Fish
Free To Be Me
2010 - A brief comparison
Letting The Mask Slip
How I Feel - This entry was especially hard to write.
Desire - A Poem (with soundtrack)
What Do I Really Want?
154 Days Ago
My Arrested Development
Looking Back
Peace and God's Will
The Experiment