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Hi there.  Welcome to Utils.  I'm still not sure what form this blog will take but my guess is it will change over time just like me.  My purpose is to allow others to get to know me a little bit more, and maybe allow myself to get to know me a little bit more as well.  If you're new here I would suggest you start with my Introduction and read it through chronologically.  After that you're free to roam.  I would suggest working from the oldest entries to the newest, or picking a tag at the bottom and reading through those entries chronologically.   It's up to you though.  Welcome to my life.

  • Deep - Music that is deeper than your average tune
  • Diary - Current things happening in my life
  • Fluff - No value whatsoever
  • Intro  - Allow me to introduce myself
  • Music - Music
  • Proverbs - Lessons I have learned in life
  • Thoughts - Things I think about

Sometimes there is a little overlap between tags, like Deep and Music.  You'll figure it out.