Friday, January 23, 2015


I've been home sick the last couple days. It was wonderful. Not the sick part, but being home. Even still, work managed to call me, email me and text me all day long. That's just an example of how I'm never really free from this job. Anyway, in between all the work related communications, I finally had some time for me. I read. I watched TV. I prayed. I cleaned. I organized. I made (as opposed to microwaved) meals. I would have exercised a bit too, if I wasn't so sick. It was practically a vacation (except for the part where I was still working). I needed that. It's really sad that I need to get sick before I can finally find some relief from work. I've already contemplated using vacation days just to catch up on the normal errands most people have time to do daily. I fantasize about 40 hour work weeks and 3 weeks of vacation a year. I really need to find a solution to this work/life balancing act before I burn out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life's Short

There have been a lot of health scares and deaths in the circles that I travel last year.

My cousin's wife died from ALS last year. She was younger than I am. A co-worker discovered she has MS. She's younger than me as well. Two co-workers' children passed away.

What does this mean? I don't think there's meaning to be found in these events. But a lesson can be learned. Life's short. No one really knows when their time is going to be up, and I would guess most of the time its unexpected. There's the old cliche that no one lays on their death bed saying that they wish they would have worked more. I don't know when I may die. I'm planning to live past 100, Having said that, I don't want to work my best years away. The things that make life worth living are usually the first things that I sacrifice on the altar of work. What's the point? I'm still trying to find balance in my life. The guy from the video in the previous post definitely errs on the wrong side of the work/recreation scale. But I feel like I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I would definitely take less money to work less and live more. I don't want to find out my time is running short and all I've left behind is a profitable division of a company.

I've got more thoughts to think about on the subject.

Monday, January 19, 2015

To Do or Not To Do

I have a lot going on. Work. Youth. Church. Friendships. Sports. Training. Family.

The one thing I do too much of, that interferes with the things that give life meaning, is work. I believe we all need to work, to provide for ourselves, our families and those things we wish to support. I also believe that we should not work nearly as much as we do. I'm finding more and more that I am envious of those who work little and have a lot of free time to give to things other than work.

I don't care for the attitude of the guy in the video, but I can't help but be envious of his laid back lifestyle. With the progress of technology I can never be "off" from work, except when I'm sleeping. And that is starting to take its toll on me. The previous 3 people who held my position all quit due to stress. I've managed to stick it out for almost 2 years. But's its starting to lose its appeal. The longer I stay, the more responsibilities get added to my position. By my account, the workload of this position has gone up about 50% since I first started it, and the money isn't worth it any more.

The incentive to stay isn't found in compensation. The job used to be its own reward. Now my incentive is to provide for a future family. I have decided that there's no point "providing" for a family if I can't actually spend time with them.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Thoughts 2

With Christmas and New Year's Eve behind me Winter takes on a different personality. December is like a friend. January is like a foe. Before I mentally prepare for January I think I'll reminisce about the last half of December.

There were some unbearably cold days, but only a few. Overall it was one of the nicer Decembers as far as weather goes.

Winter Solstice finally arrived. Every day for the next six months will have more sunlight than the day before it. Its not too noticeable now but in a month or so the difference between days will be hard to miss. It makes me feel happy.

Christmas was good. I spent it with family and new friends. It was quiet. That is also good. Life has felt a little "loud" recently. I needed some "quiet".

New Year's was also quiet, mostly because I was feeling a little sick and took a 4 hour nap last night. I woke up in time to grab a quick New Year's party, count down, kiss, concert, pumpkin pie and then off to bed again.

It was a good December.