Thursday, April 16, 2020

Corona Covid

The world is shut down.
The media is corrupt.
The WHO is a puppet for China.
The pandemic was extremely over estimated.

I could go into details but you all know its true.

My response to all this now, one month after North America was effectively shut down, is that its time to reopen. Those that are at risk of Covid-19 should self isolate. Those that are in contact with those with risk factors should isolate. Everyone else should go back to normal.

Risk factors include immune deficiencies, breathing issues, the elderly, and the obese.

Initially they were saying up to 4 million people in the US could die and 300 000 in Canada too. One month later those numbers have dropped to 100 000 and 8 000 respectively. Who is going to pay for the devastation caused by those completely incorrect estimates? No one, probably. Who is going to pay for the complete economic devastation? No one, except those who are out of work. Keep in mind, the US loses about 50 000 people to the flu every year and Canada has about 5 000 people die from it as well. No one cares. Wash your hands, get the flu shot and off you go.

Not to down play the loss of life, but this has been one giant exercise in political correctness over public policy, wokeness over truth, and public hysteria over rational decision making.

I have always wanted to get involved more with politics. Now I'm not so sure. I believe in representing the people, but I don't trust the people anymore. At least not on a big scale.

I think I'll start locally.

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