Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Experiment

I've been running a sociology experiment the last 2 months or so.
I won't bother to explain the details. They don't matter... yet.
I won't bother to explain the plan. It will be evident in time.
I'm not even going to share my conclusions.
In fact, I'm going to tell you that every "event" may have been the result of correlation, not causation.
In other words, maybe it's all just co-incidence.

The Experiment

I've been learning what it means to be a man. I think, over the course of this blog, that's been the undercurrent of what I've shared in this space. It's the unifying theory that ties this whole thing together. I've always said that this blog was to allow the reader to get to know me. I think it was also to let me get to know myself. Who am I? I am a man. I want to be a Godly man. I want to be the man I believe God created me to be. And for the last 2 months, that's what I've tried to be. I didn't try to "act" like a man, although occasionally, that's how it started in some situations. I tried to be the man I felt I should be, free of outside expectations, but with the realization that outside expectations may respond, negatively or positively to the man I was becoming.

So what did "being a man" look like? I'm not saying. That's my secret. I'm sure you can figure it out for your self.

The Results

I wasn't sure what to expect. I honestly just thought I may gain some self confidence. That did happen but that was just the beginning. Maybe a lot of the "events" that happened during this time would have happened anyway. Maybe not. What I did notice is that people started giving me a lot more respect. They deferred to me more often. They complimented me more often. Men acknowledged me more often than I was used to. Women as well. But in different ways. Professionally, I received opportunities I would have never thought possible.

Men would seek out my opinion.
Some made comments such as, "Have you been working out?" (And no, I haven't)
Women seemed to be much more giggly and bashful and blushing around me. (More than I am used to)
Friends and co-workers have been lining up to fix me up with their "hot" friends. I have had about 4 or 5 offers to fix me up with someone, and that's not counting a couple of women at church plotting to fix me up as well. I have no idea how their nefarious plans are progressing. (One of their husbands gave me advanced warning)
I have just been offered a new position at work which provides me with a better schedule and the opportunity for advancement beyond what I thought was possible. I accepted. I am now managing a segment of a company worth over $10 million, with over 40 employees. It is a subsection of a company worth approximately $100 million dollars that has been named one of Canada's 50 Best managed companies. This is an opportunity I would not have expected for at least another 10 years.
My spiritual life seems... better, if that makes any sense.
I am happier.
I am more confident.
I am more of my self.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.


Curtis said...

If you build it they will come.

Curtis said...

Does it have something to do with all the money you are spending

Curtis said...

It's because you've been driving a truck.

Clinton said...