Friday, March 1, 2013


I've said it before, but I will say it again. I am fairly oblivious to flirtation. As an introvert (INTJ Meyers Briggs personality) I just don't pick up on those social cues. I have compared my self to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in the past and that comparison is valid in this particular area.

This video is just for fun. (Sheldon is rumoured to suffer symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome which is a type of Autism. I have never been diagnosed with anything like that.)

The point is that I've had to make an effort to understand how social interactions are supposed to work. I've had women bake me things, give me things, ask for my phone number, offer to help decorate my house, etc... I suspect some of that was flirting. Then there are physical cues and double entendres slipped into conversations. For the most part I've been immune to that kind of thing or at the very least non-comprehending. I once had to do some ceiling repairs in a suite who's tenants were university students. The girls where going to a Halloween party. They dressed up in their skimpy costumes and paraded back in forth in front of me all night posing and taking pictures. I tried to be the "nice" guy and keep my eyes on my work and not get caught up in their presentation. However, I now suspect that the whole show was solely for my benefit. After I was finished one of the girls came up to me and said, "We're so sorry you had to see us running around all night dressed like that." At the time I thought she was sincere but now I suspect she was actually trying to draw my attention to their display. If they really didn't want me to see, they could have stayed in their rooms. I'm sure what I said next sounded exactly like something Sheldon Cooper would say. I replied by saying, "That's ok. If anything you should apologize for all the hair spray fumes. I can barely breathe." That was probably not the smoothest move on my part, but it was true. I suppose if I was a little more suave and a little more of a jerk I could have said, "Yes, it was horrible seeing you dressed like that. You should probably take those costumes off and try again." I'm not a jerk though and I don't go for girls like that. But I digress...

Back to flirting, or talking about flirting. I think I kinda understand it, but to explain it would make me look like Sheldon Cooper explaining the Drake equation. Always knowing but never understanding. I know there have been girls that have flirted with me in the past. Unfortunately it usually takes me long after the actual event to realize that's what that was. I'm sure I've flirted with girls before too, although mostly accidentally.

If you've read my blog for any time now you know that I've spent considerable time trying to understand friendships, relationships, romantic relationships, etc. I've been a part of all those things but never really understanding the dynamics of them. I've been thinking about such things again lately and I think I've had a few insights. Any way, that's why I wrote about flirting.

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