Monday, January 14, 2013

"Christian" Music

I have a love/hate relationship with music dubbed "Christian". I find a very large portion of it boring and uncreative. It's sad that those inspired by the Creator of the universe can "create" such a bland product only a few syllables removed from being a Beiber ballad. I know that taste in music can vary so I try not to be too hard on styles I'm not a huge fan of (country) because you may not like what I'm in to (hard rock). So, looking below the surface, what makes music "Christian"? The simple answer is absolutely nothing. Being a Christian is a choice influenced by belief and so only human beings may be "Christians". If I were a "Christian" farmer, would my "Christian" produce be any holier than that agnostic farmer down the grid road? Nope. It may even be worse. 

Obviously music, and lyrics in particular, come from life experiences and so there there will be songs that originate from a Christian perspective and songs that speak to my Christian perspective. That doesn't make any song particularly "Christian" though. Having said all that I think lyrics are what ultimately push a song under the "Christian" umbrella or not. Like I said earlier, I'm not a huge fan of "Christian" music because of it's blandness, both lyrical and musical, although I am a fan of many artists that are Christians. One guy I have found myself appreciating more and more is Matt Maher because of his lyrics. I've linked to some of his songs before, HERE and HERE and HERE. I guess this post is just an excuse to share a couple more songs of his I like.

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