Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm Awesome

Number 1

I am confident.

That was not always the case. I was a very timid kid growing up. I did not want to venture out of my comfort zone or take any risks. Somewhere between then and now things changed. I think graduating and going to bible college was the catalyst. Either way, my confidence in myself has allowed me to do a lot of things most people would not even consider, or consider stupid.

I ran for city council when I was 22 years old. I didn't win but I believe I had a legitimate shot. I went door to door campaigning, had signs up on people's lawns, did interviews with the city newspaper, had volunteers deliver fliers and received cash donations. Although I didn't win I still received more votes than two other individuals I was running against. Fresh Perspective, New Ideas. That was my slogan. I still have a few signs as souvenirs.

I became a logistics co-ordinator for the Canadian Special Olympics when I was 23. My brother and I decided to volunteer and somehow we got the keys to the warehouse, access to vehicles, and off we went. I never had that little nagging voice inside my head telling me I was too young or inexperienced to take on this role. I dived right in and did it, and everything ran smoothly. I never once thought that I couldn't do it.

I started my first business when I was 25. I was still in university at the time. I had 7 employees. I was responsible for payroll, scheduling, advertising, hiring and firing. Ultimately I disbanned it, although it did pay the bills while it was in operation, it was never really a success. I trained a select few of my employees how to run a similar business and they started their own once I shut down. It taught me a lot of great things about advertising, working with the public and profitability. It also taught me to love what you do, or don't do it. I really liked the business aspect of the company but didn't like the service we provided. My heart wasn't in it. I took what I learned and transposed it into the side venture I have running now. My overhead is low, cash flow is up and I really like what I do which doesn't make it seem like work at all. Not just anyone would take a chance and put everything on the line to do what I do now. I was confident that I could take even my unsuccessful ventures and parlay them into a successful business because I was confident in my ability to succeed.

I committed myself to run a marathon at age 27 without any prior experience in endurance sports. Up to that point I had never had any experience in long distance running. I even had a breathing condition that manifested itself in a way similar to asthma but I was confident I could overcome any obstacle in my way. Three months later, I ran two marathons a week apart.

I am a pilot. There is a certain type of personality that finds it's way into aviation. Although many different people are pilots, it is a profession requiring mental fortitude and only those who are confident in themselves stick it out beyond the first few years. Every day I am responsible for my own life and the lives of my passengers as I travel half the speed of sound, 25 000 feet above the earth. I have to be confident in my abilities or I could not do this. I left half way through a university degree to pursue a career as a pilot. I never looked back. I knew it was what I wanted to do, and I did it. I had no doubt that I could be successful in this profession. I achieved a childhood dream most people would consider out of reach. And I reached it.

I am confident.

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